About Us

Mission Statement

Developmental Science is the study of nature and basis of change across development, including prenatal, early postnatal, infancy, toddler, early childhood, adolescence and emerging adulthood. Our faculty focus on basic theory in developmental science, articulating underlying mechanisms of change, examining contextual effects on growth and development, examining individual differences in trajectories characterizing typical and atypical development, and investigating those factors that affect optimal development. Our research falls into two concentration areas: Early Development and Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood Development


The Developmental Science Program at FIU is unique in its integration of a lifespan orientation with an interdisciplinary focus on both basic and applied developmental science in an international, multicultural urban context. The Program leads to a Ph.D. in Psychology with a specialization in Developmental Science. It provides a rich and diverse setting for faculty research and scholarly activities with exceptional opportunities for students to participate in innovative programs of knowledge development.

The Program has an outstanding faculty well positioned to capitalize on emerging issues and lead the field in new directions. Their research productivity is exemplary and they attract substantial amounts of external funding to address emerging scientific issues and pressing social problems.

As part of the program, all students are expected to master a series of core course requirements designed to facilitate a thorough grounding in theory, methodology, and content in both basic and applied research in developmental science. These core courses are delivered in lecture/seminar format by faculty in developmental psychology thoroughly versed in the relevant areas. A number of seminars reflecting the specialized foci of our program are also offered, including advanced seminars in developmental theory and methods; cognition; emotional, intellectual, and social development; learning and problems in child development.