Graduate Funding

The Developmental Science Program provides Graduate Assistantships (GAs) to qualified students on a competitive basis. GAs may teach, conduct research, or have other responsibilities that contribute to the student's professional development. GAs are classified as Graduate Assistants, Graduate Teaching Assistants or Graduate Research Assistants. All GAs are provided with a 12- month stipend, tuition waiver, and health insurance coverage.

Typically, students are awarded GAs upon entering the program. GA funding decisions are based on the quality of each graduate student's application and the availability of GA lines at that time. GAs are not available to non-degree seeking students or students admitted on a conditional admission basis. Students should let their potential faculty mentor know as early as possible that they are interested in receiving GA support if they are accepted into the program.

In addition to GAs, some students are funded by external fellowships (such as NSF graduate fellowships), training grants, TA or GA positions outside the psychology department, and other sources. For further information about GA or other funding opportunities, please contact the the Developmental Science Program Director.

Other FIU- Related Funding Opportunities

The University Graduate School is committed to excellence in graduate education and is proud to offer fellowship opportunities for new and continuing students. Information about these opportunities can be found on the UGS Fellowships Information page. It is important to note that funding for the fellowships is limited and very competitive. To be considered for specific awards, it is critical to submit a complete application prior to the stated deadline.

In addition to university affiliated fellowships, UGS also maintains a list of other funding opportunities specifically targeting graduate students. This includes short term awards, one time scholarships, and graduate student financial aid information.