Recent Graduates

Fall 2016 Graduates

Iris Broce
Mentor: Anthony Dick
DISSERTATION: Brain Networks Supporting Literacy Development

Fall 2015 Graduates

Elaine Espanola
Mentor: Anibal Gutierrez
DISSERTATION: A Randomized Comparison of Two Instructional Sequences for Imitation Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Summer 2015 Graduates

Alina Nazereth
Mentor: Shannon Pruden
DISSERTATION: Factors Affecting Adult Mental Rotation Performance

Laura Oramas
Mentor: Dionne Stephens
DISSERTATION: The Influence of Parental Aggression and Cultural Gender Role Beliefs on Hispanic College Women's Experiences with Psychological Aggression

Logan McDowell
Mentor: Anibal Gutierrez
DISSERTATION: Video Modeling for Teaching Imitation to Young Children With Autism: A Treatment Comparison and Analysis of Potential Predictors of Success

Spring 2015 Graduates

Desiree Sepulveda
Mentor: Anibal Gutierrez
DISSERTATION: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Discrete Trial Procedures for Teaching Receptive Discrimination to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Hod Tamir
Mentor: Dionne Stephens
DISSERTATION: Romantic Relationships and Adjustment in Early Adulthood: The Role of Cross-sex Experience in the Context of Social Norms and Support

Jessica Weber
Mentor: Anibal Gutierrez
DISSERTATION: Evaluating the Role of Social Approach Behaviors in Children with Autism

Fall 2014 Graduates

Briana O'Dowd
Mentor: Robert Lickliter
DISSERTATION: The Effect of Prenatal Auditory Enrichment on Perceptual Narrowing in Bobwhite Quail Neonates

Namitha Raju
Mentor: Robert Lickliter
DISSERTATION: Effects of Altered Prenatal Sensory Stimulation on Postnatal Contingency Learning in Bobwhite Quail Neonates (Colinus Virginianus)

Michael Suarez
Mentor: Robert Lickliter
DISSERTATION: Effects of Prenatal and Early Postnatal Exposure to Aversive Stimuli on Fearfulness and Exploratory Behavior in Bobwhite Qauil Neonates (Colinus virginianus)

Summer 2014 Graduates

Ileana Hernandez
Mentor: Jeremy Pettit
DISSERTATION: Cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety disorders in youth: Treatment specificity and mediation effects

Joshua Herrington
Mentor: Robert Lickliter
DISSERTATION: Elevated Progesterone In Yolk As a Moderator of Prenatal and Postnatal Auditory Learning in Bobwhite Quail

Vanessa Madrazao
Mentor: Mary Levitt
DISSERTATION: Identity, Purpose, and Well-Being Among Emerging Adult Hispanic Women

Shannon Quintana
Mentor: Dionne Stephens
DISSERTATION: Parental and Cultural Influences on Hispanic College Women's Verbal Intimate Partner Violence Victimization: An Examination of Within-Group Differences
Tara Sheehan
Mentor: Mary Levitt
DISSERTATION: The Effects of Paternal and Maternal Nurturance and Involvement on Young Adult Academic Outcomes

Spring 2014 Graduates

Andre Maharaj
Mentor: Anibal Gutierrez
DISSERTATION: Exploring The Development of Social Responses in Children with Callous and Unemotional Traits: An Examination of The Impact of Hypothesized Reinforcing and Aversive Stimuli

Alan Meca
Mentor: Dionne Stephens
DISSERTATION: Ethnic and American Identity Development- A Developmental Systems Approach

Fall 2013 Graduates

Jessica Dahan
Mentor: Jeremy Pettit
DISSERTATION: Individual child cognitive behavioral treatment versus child-parent cognitive behavioral treatments for anxiety disorders in children and adolescents: Comparative outcomes

Paloma Rodriguez
Mentor: Anibal Gutierrez
DISSERTATION: Operant and Respondent Procedures to Establish Social Stimuli as Reinforcers in Children with Autism

Maria Pienkowski
Mentor: Jeremy Pettit
DISSERTATION: The Impact of Maternal Acculturation, Youth Age, Sex and Anxiety Sensitivity on Anxiety Symptoms in Hispanic Youth