Core Faculty

The Developmental Science Program has nine core faculty dedicated to the latest research and teaching in developmental research. Core faculty all have education, training, and research experience consistent with the goals, philosophy, and educational purpose of our program. These faculty are the driving force behind our program's functioning through their research, teaching, and service. In addition to regular program service, core faculty are the primary advisors to Developmental Science doctoral students, and are the only faculty that can chair these students' dissertation committees.

Lorraine E. Bahrick

Lorraine E. Bahrick, Professor

Office: DM 263
Office Phone: (305) 348-3380

Dr. Bahrick's E-Mail
Infant Lab Website

Anthony Steven Dick

Anthony Steven Dick, Associate Professor

Office: AHC4 Room 454
Office Phone: (305) 348-4202

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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Website

Asia A. Eaton

Asia A. Eaton, Assistant Professor

Office: DM 408
Office Phone:(305) 348-0229

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Dr. Eaton's Faculty Website
Power Lab website

Leslie Frazier

Leslie Frazier, Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies

Office: DM 263
Office Phone: (305) 348-2045

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Health & Development Lab Website

Eliza Nelson

Eliza Nelson, Assistant Professor

Office: DM 276
Office Phone: (305) 348-4894

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Dr. Nelson's Faculty Website
HANDS Lab Website

Shannon M. Pruden

Shannon M. Pruden, Associate Professor & Developmental Science Program Director

Office: DM 206
Office Phone: (305) 348-2784

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Project on Language & Spatial Development Lab Website